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Friday, December 04, 2009

Rappers Hit Up Tech Conferences Too

It should come as no surprise that tech is a part of the game too.  I'm sure you've heard, as have I, that CD album sales are down and that the giant music labels are trying to fight against a roaring tide that seeks to upend the old business models. The web has and continues to level the playing field.  And rappers are discovering this.  In this guest lecture at Stanford (part of Standford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar), artists Quincy Jones III and Chamillionaire lay it down for us.  The web is changing how we communicate, how new fans are reached, and how street cred for products is measured.  It's all about community.  The current rage of social networks fuels this type of economy. Those who are on top of the game stand to make greater strides into reaching fans than those shunning the tech.  In this talk, Chamillionaire mentions how he was clowned for using the internet back in the day for promoting his indy songs.  But his early adoption kicked back some serious ROI. Both Quincy and Chamillionaire are staying on top of the game by embracing tech, hitting up tech conferences, and incorporating the cutting edge into their respective strategies.  Check it out here:

NOTE: If the above doesn't play (seems like there might not be a video feed), click through to the site here, and click on "Download" to get the MP3 file.  You can also find it on iTunes and subscribe to Stanford's podcast.